Debt Collection and Credit Collection Services in Houston

Most businesses prefer credit collection services for commercial collections. It is cost effective, efficient and has a higher success rate. It has been proven that collection firms can enhance commercial debt recovery. At Nelson, Cooper and Ortiz, LLC we are one of the leading debt collections services in Houston. We understand the value of every account is to your business and thus ensure smoothing and debt and credit collection. Every debtor is approached in a professional manner where our experts would discuss their obligation and arrange prompt payments. This approach separates us from other debt collection service providers in the market.

We assist our clients all across the globe with national commercial collections, as well as their international commercial collections. Our aim is let you focus on the core areas of your business and leave your debt collection to us. We meet every goal and expectation set forth by our clients.

Our commercial account recovery services include:

  • Loan Recovery

  • Consultancy Services

  • Business to Business debts and fees

  • Credit Recovery

  • Equipment Leases

Apart from collecting your outstanding debt we also have expertise in the field of investigation and can help you pursue legal actions against delinquent debtors. We have a nationwide network affiliate Commercial Collection Attorneys who specialize in debt collection. We stress on communication and ensure that you receive real-time updates and reports on any pending legal action.

If your business is prospectively liquidity ridden get in touch with us today and we shall assist with past due accounts receivables.